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History of our apiculture

We started to get the knowledge of bee-keeping in the year 2002. Some of our familiars have already kept bees and we loved this work. We haven’t known how much work is with this job, if we want to make it as livelihood.

Our beekeeping is in the county of Komarom-Esztergom near Tata city. At the beginning we got very much helps from president of the beekeepers’ association in Tatabánya.

We work with ½ frames from the beginning. It is useful because of the mobility; we would like to make more and more kind of honey, so the moving is crucial with beehives.


During the years we developed our venture till 100 colonies of bee, when we decided to develop our site and infrastructure. The best opportunity was the tender of European Union.

Our goals are to make honey with excellent quality; expansion of our product range, innovation and the popularize honey at the Hungarian and foreign markets, as well.